It's great you've come to this page. As more people let businesses know they want them to conserve, recycle and become more efficient, it will drive us to do more.

As the principal broker and owner, I took the first Green course offered by the Realtor association. It was somewhat disappointing and designed as a general introduction to many of the things we've already been doing for years. They did warn against greenwashing, which is puffing up your company as green.
Wanting more, I took a post graduate course, Sustainability Leadership designed for business owners and management and found it interesting and insightful. It was during this course that we students were asked to describe our companies' green policies and practices. In describing our operation, I realized our firm was green in many ways that were just a function of Yankee frugality and more often, the public wants to know about your efforts.

Our Sign

With this in mind, here's our attempt at a sustainable business model: