Showing Preparation

Your agent will discuss these in more detail but here are some considerations:

  1. Always provide the agent with a key.  In Vermont we often don’t lock our homes but once you are on the market, the agent should use a key.
  2. Try to leave during all showings.  Private viewings are more relaxed and buyers can be vocal about their likes and dislikes.
  3. Listen to your agent as to how they will enter your property.  Coming in through the garage might not be a good first impression.
  4. Clean and tidy up.  Buyers will like a neat home but don’t obsess on it either.  A buyer isn’t going to rule you out just because a bed isn’t made.
  5. Remember smells.  Smoking, cooking strong fish, stale kitty litter or even heavily scented candles or cleaning agents can be a subliminal turn offs.
  6. Keep the outside lawns, garden beds mowed and looking good.  Likewise driveway ruts and washboards on steep driveways should be smoothed.
  7. Discuss pets with your agent.  You’re not going to have a good showing if the dog barks the entire time.  Tell the agent which pets should stay in or out.
  8. While it’s your home and you want it to personally express yourself, consider the wide range of people who might see it.  Strong political or religious displays or ‘off color’ humor might offend some buyers.
  9. Too many possessions can make rooms look small.  Consider thinning out extra furniture, wall hangings and shelf clutter.

Your agent can give you more tips if you’d like.  You’re both trying to present your home in the best possible light, help make a showing a positive experience and increase the odds of a good sale.