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When you call or email us, you won’t just get a random person on floor time to help you. Here you’ll be connected with the agent we think is best suited to help with your type of property and its location. We may send two agents so that you get the expertise of both.

We first analyze your needs. Are you early in the process and thinking about listing sometime in the future? Are you thinking about selling vs. putting an addition on your home? Is there a particular time frame under which you need to sell? Job One is figuring out what service you need from us.

From there we try to fully understand the product, your property. We’ll ask you lots of questions. Like potential buyers we try to find out everything from utility costs to property boundaries to permits for septic systems and or a new addition. Understanding every element of your property or business is essential for a proper estimate of value.

Discussing permits can prevent future problems. Our agents understand or know when to assist with the state septic rules or local zoning regulations, lead paint laws, title issues and the myriad complexities that encompass a modern transaction.

We’ll take the time to explain representation in Vermont. Our agent will explain what it means to you and how we represent you in the marketplace.

Our agents will often share pictures confidentially with other agents, discussing the amenities and specifics of your property. The group will build a consensus around a likely selling price. This process puts decades of experience to work for you.

If you decide to sell through us, pricing and timing will be discussed. The price you set on your property or business may be different from the likely sale price. Your motivation will affect the advice the agent gives you regarding price. It should all be tailored to your needs.

We’ll go over your choices for marketing: whether to have a For Sale sign, if we’ll use the statewide Multiple Listing Service, options for using the internet, variations in listing agreements, relationships with other firms and agents – it will all be discussed so that you understand the process.

After the valuation and the listing process is described, if you want, we’ll tell you how we will maximize exposure to your property or business and how we’ll get the most for your investment and in the shortest time possible.

We’ll give you as much notice of showings as possible and suggest ways to improve those showings.

Our agents will give you feedback. One of the most frustrating feelings for a seller is not knowing what buyers are saying. You work hard to make your home look good, you should hear after each showing how a potential buyer responds.

We’ll send you copies of advertising so that you know where your property has been seen. Included with that will be current web statistic, market updates and sale trends.

We’re not a chain. When someone refers you to Vermont Home Real Estate, it’s because they believe we’re the best fit for you and not an internal business referral. Our commission schedule is highly competitive, offering choices that fit your needs. Try us and let us prove how hard we work to provide the best possible service.

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