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It’s great when you find an agent who will work hard to find the right property for you. We encourage buyers to find an agent and in exchange for loyalty, develop a relationship with the Realtor to find, offer and show you properties. Good agents are often valuable to you both before and after your purchase. An agent and their firm can help buyers understand information about the area or local schools, help investigate permit issues, discuss some tax ramifications of a purchase or provide comparable listings for estimating a property’s value. It’s not unusual for us to help buyers understand their tax assessment and it’s fairness after a purchase. We can also advise what improvements make the most financial sense for resale or we can serve as a resource for finding contractors or caretakers to help maintain the property. When changing a use, putting on an addition or purchasing a business, the agent is a tremendous resource for understanding the many permitting requirements or possible future restrictions. It’s a lifetime of commitment for us.

We are members of the Vermont, state wide Multiple Listing Service and will gladly cobroke any of our listings you see on this site.

If you are working exclusively with any agent, please tell us this when you first call in or email us.

If you are being represented by another agent & firm and you’ve signed a contract for them to represent you, you need to have an agent from that firm contact us. The nature of representation precludes our discussing the property with you directly without your agent’s permission.

This will prevent confusion and help us help you.

If you’re wondering about whether you need representation, you should check out our Buyer Representation page for an inside view of some advantages and disadvantages.

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