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Smoke detectors have long been required in single family homes and apartment buildings.  The old ionization detectors have to be replaced with a newer photoelectric type.  These have been shown to be more effective in detecting a smoldering fire.  They can be obtained in hardware and general merchandise stores.  Look for a P icon on the label for the photoelectric type.  Placement and number of detectors are discussed in the links below.Carbon monoxide detectors are also required in homes and apartments prior to a transfer of property.  CO detectors warn occupants of lethal levels of this invisible, odorless gas.

Sellers will need to certify in writing at closing that they have installed smoke and CO detectors required by law.  Click Here for an overview, by property category, of the requirements.

An overview of smoke detectors and their required placement can be found here.

The state website also has more links to information.

To see the form you will need to sign certifying compliance with the above.

Ask your agent where to find the detectors you’ll need.  Most hardware stores carry them and many offer smoke and CO combination detectors.

Besides a P inside a circle, showing that it’s photoelectric, you’ll need to provide the year of manufacture at closing, so save the literature and/or your receipts.

For fire and safety codes, here is the 2015 Vermont code. Other forms from the state site are here.

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